L’ARTÈRE, développement et perfectionnement en danse contemporaine vous invite à venir voir une courte performance et rencontrer l’artiste Ady Elzam.

Rendez-vous au Studio B, le vendredi 20 octobre, de 17h à 19h.

(contribution volontaire)


Ady Elzam is a dancer, teacher and choreographer, with a deep technical background in contemporary dance, improvisation and performance. He believes art should challenge and inspire, both the artist as well as the spectator. As a preforming artist he’s motivated to cross borders and question the norm in relation to the audience, and its roll in art.

For many years Ady has been exploring movement dynamics in partner work, his main interest is in the communication that creates clear understanding between partners, as if no words are needed. This applies also to the relationship of the observer and the observed. As a performer he’s interested in the artist’s ability to expose oneself, evoke emotion in the audience, and the connection between the two.

Ady started dancing and preforming at age 10 in the Israeli folklore dance school « The Iris of Nazareth » .
He met modern dance in 1997, and embarked on a journey to explore the dance world until 2005 when he dedicated himself to the art of contemporary dance, improvisation and movement exploration.

He trained at the modern dance academy in Haifa and continued to dance in Vertigo Dance Com-pany and DeDe Dance. Over the years he worked with many different choreographers such as; Ofra Idel, Elad Shecter, Matan Levkowich, Yuval Goldshtain, Sharona Floreshaim, Dafi Altabeb, to name a few.

Nowadays Ady is living in Brussels in a community project that is dedicated to change the face of tomorrow. He is creating a solo, teaching improvisation and movement technique, and facilitating urban spaces for the exploration of performance.